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Internet Merchant Policies a nd Procedures Three Keys Software Pty Ltd trading as - QS Project Services Policy Introduction QS   Project   Services   regards   customer   privacy   as   an   important   part   of   our   relationship   with   our   customers.   The   following   privacy   policy   applies   to   all   QS   Project   Services   users,   and conforms to Internet privacy standards. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact Trevor Moseley, on 02 6556 7492 Collection of Information In   order   to   use   the    QS   Project   Services   website,   we   may   require   information   from   you   in   order   to   provide   the   best   service   possible.   All   correspondence   may   also   be   collected   and stored,   particularly   in   regard   to   sales,   support   and   accounts,   including   Email.      Any   information   collected   by   QS   Project   Services   is   collected   via   correspondence   from   you   or   your company. This may be via the telephone, Email, mail, fax or directly through our website. Use of Collection Information A ny   details   collected   from   QS   Project   Services   customers   is   required   in   order   to   provide   you   with   our   products   and/or   services,   and   a   high   level   of   customer   service.   Correspondence   is recorded in order to provide service references, and to assist in our staff development. Storage of Collected Information The   security   of   your   personal   information   is   important   to   us.   When   you   enter   sensitive   information   (such   as   credit   card   numbers)   on   our   website,   we   encrypt   that   information   using   secure socket   layer   technology   (SSL).   When   Credit   Card   details   are   collected,   we   simply   pass   them   on   in   order   to   be   processed   as   required.   We   never   permanently   store   complete   Credit   Card details.   We   follow   generally   accepted   industry   standards   to   protect   the   personal   information   submitted   to   us,   both   during   transmission   and   once   we   receive   it.   If   you   have   any   questions about   security   on   our   Website,   you   can   email   us   at   sales@3keys.com.au. Access   to   Collected   Information.   If   your   personally   identifiable   information   changes,   or   if   you   no   longer   desire our service, you may correct, update, delete or deactivate it by emailing us at  sales@3keys.com.au. Orders If   you   purchase   a   product   or   service   from   us,   we   may   request   certain   personally   identifiable   information   from   you.   You   may   be   required   to   provide   contact   information   (such   as   name, Email,   and   postal   address)   and   financial   information   (such   as   credit   card   number,   expiration   date).   We   use   this   information   for   billing   purposes   and   to   fill   your   orders.   If   we   have   trouble processing an order, we will use this information to contact you. Communications QS   Project   Services   uses   personally   identifiable   information   for   essential   communications,   such   as   Emails,   accounts   information,   and   critical   service   details.   We   may   also   use   this information   for   other   purposes,   including   some   promotional   Emails.   If   at   any   time   a   customer   wishes   not   to   receive   such   correspondence,   they   can   request   to   be   removed   from   any mailing   lists   by   emailing   us   at   sales@3keys.com.au.      You   will   be   notified   when   your   personal   information   is   collected   by   any   third   party   that   is   not   our   agent/service   provider,   so   you   can make an informed choice as to whether or not to share your information with that party. Third Parties QS   Project   Services   may   at   its   discretion   use   other   third   parties   to   provide   essential   services   on   our   site   or   for   our   business   processes.   We   may   share   your   details   as   necessary for   the   third   party   to   provide   that   service.   These   third   parties   are   prohibited   from   using   your   personally   identifiable   information   for   any   other   purpose.   QS   Project   Services   does   not share any information with third parties for any unknown or unrelated uses  . Legal We   reserve   the   right   to   disclose   your   personally   identifiable   information   as   required   by   law   and   when   we   believe   that   disclosure   is   necessary   to   protect   our   rights   and/or   comply   with   a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our Website. Links Links   on   the   QS   Project   Services   site   to   external   entities   are   not   covered   within   this   policy.   The   terms   and   conditions   set   out   in   this   privacy   statement   only   cover   the   domain   name   of www.3keys.com.au. Changes to Privacy Policy If   we   decide   to   change   our   privacy   policy,   we   will   post   those   changes   to   this   privacy   statement,   the   homepage,   and   other   places   we   deem   appropriate   so   that   you   are   aware   of   what information   we   collect,   how   we   use   it,   and   under   what   circumstances,   if   any,   we   disclose   it.   We   reserve   the   right   to   modify   this   privacy   statement   at   any   time,   so   please   review   it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by Email, or by means of a notice on our homepage. QS Project Service uses Ecwid stores which always run via HTTPS Ecwid   is   always   launched   using   an   HTTPS   connection.   You   can   always   verify   this   by   inspecting   your   store’s   network   sessions.   To   confirm   checkout   is   secure,   Ecwid   displays   a   padlock image on the checkout page: The Padlock icon shows that the connection is secure The   customer’s   payment   information   is   processed   by   the   payment   processor   using   a   secure   protocol.   Payments   completed   without   leaving   the   store   page.   Some   payment   processors (Stripe, Square, etc.) are integrated with Ecwid quite differently. With these payment processors, customers are not redirected. Instead, they see a payment form right on the store’s checkout page. In   this   case   Ecwid   works   within   a   customer’s   browser. This   way,   when   a   customer   enters   their   credit   card   information,   the   data   is   not   transferred   to   the   server   where   your   website   or   store is   located.   Ecwid   connects   directly   to   the   payment   gateway   via   a   highly   secure   channel   and   sends   a   request   with   the   order   information.   This   information   is   not   transferred   to   Ecwid servers, does not pass through, and is not stored by us. The payment gateway performs all operations with this data and returns a callback confirming payment to Ecwid. This solution was verified and approved by Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Ecwid is PCI DSS certified PCI   DSS   stands   for   Payment   Card   Industry   Data   Security   Standard,   and   Ecwid   is   a   PCI   DSS   validated   Level   1   Service   Provider.   This   is   the   highest   international   standard   for secure data exchanges for online stores and payment systems. Ecwid uses secure hosting All   data   in   your   Ecwid   store   —   products,   customers,   general   information   —   is   stored   with   Ecwid.   We   regularly   scan   Ecwid   for   breeches   and   protect   this   information   with   software   updates and backups of your stores’ information. We store our data on Amazon Web Services — the most reliable and secure hosting solution. QS   Project   Services   uses   the   ECWID   Payment   Gateway   for   its   online   credit   card   transactions.   ECWID      processes   online   credit   card   transactions   for   thousands   of Australian merchants,   providing   a   safe   and   secure   means   of   collecting   payments   via   the   Internet.   All   online   credit   card   transactions   performed   on   this   site   using   the   ECWID   gateway are secured payments. o Payments are fully automated with an immediate response. o Your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by   QS Project Services or any outside party. o All transactions are performed under 128 Bit SSL Certificate. Delivery Policy Buildsoft, Mudshark and QS Project Services Software After   ordering   online,   you   will   receive   an   email   confirmation   from   ECWID    containing   your   order   details   (if   you   have   provided   your   email   address).   We   will   normally   confirm   receipt   of   your order   within   a   few   minutes   of   ordering.   We   will   attempt   to   send   your   goods   via Australia   Post   within   three   working   days;   however   if   goods   are   unavailable   delivery   will   take   a   little   longer. If you wish to query a delivery please contact us at  sales@3keys.com.au.    Digital Delivery at our discretion may be provided electronically. After   ordering   online,   you   will   receive   an   email   confirmation   from   ECWID   containing   your   order   details   (if   you   have   provided   your   email   address).   We   will   normally   confirm   receipt   of   your order   within   a   few   minutes   of   ordering.   We   will   attempt   to   send   your   software/license/access   code   via   email   within   one   working   day   of   receiving   ‘from   you’   the   generated   security   number after installing the software. If you wish to query a delivery please contact us at sales@3keys.com.au. Refund & Returns Policy I f for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will give you a 30 Day money-back guarantee from the time you receive the goods, providing that:- Products   are   returned   in   their   original   condition.   Confirmation   that   they   have   been   uninstalled   from   all   your   computers   and   all   postage   and   insurance   costs   have   been   paid   by   the   buyer. We   recommend   that   you   return   the   product   via   Registered   post   and   that   you   pre   pay   all   postage. You   assume   any   risk   of   lost,   theft   or   damaged   of   the   goods   during   transit. Therefore   we would   advise   you   take   out   shipment   registration   of   insurance   with   your   postal   carrier.   QS   Project   Services   will not be responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit if you choose not to insure. Please email us at sales@3keys.com.au    within that time if you are not satisfied with your purchase so that we can resolve any problems. This   refund   policy   does   not   apply   to   goods   which   have   been   worn   or   used,   damaged   after   delivery,   or   if   any   attempt   has   been   made   to   alter   the   product   or   if   they   have   been   dropped   or broken.   Notwithstanding   the   above,   any   attempt   to   take   copies   of   the   software   prior   to   return,   with   the   intent   of   subsequent   use,   will   be   considered   a   breach   of   the   ‘Software   Licensing Agreement’ and will be dealt with under breach of copyright and damages will be pursued to the full extent of the Law
Ecwid doesn’t collect credit card information Ecwid   does   not   actually   handle   your   customers’   credit   card   information.   In   fact,   we   don’t   collect,   store,   or   process   such   data   in   any   way.   Rather, Ecwid   supports   a   number   of   popular   payment   gateways   that   processes   your   customers   payment   information.   These   payment   processors   can   be divided into two groups based on the way they interact with Ecwid. Payments on the payment processor’s secure page When   a   customer   places   an   order,   Ecwid   sends   the   order   information   to   the   payment   processor   and   securely   redirects   the   customer   to   the   payment gateway’s   web   page   where   they   enter   their   credit   card   information.   When   payment   is   complete,   the   payment   processor   sends   a   reply   (callback) confirming payment to Ecwid.