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About Us

Company Profile Three Keys Software (the holding company of QS Project Services) was set up in 1992 with a view to creating a more cost efective and efficient means of producing consistantly accurate estimates for use in the Construction Industry. Over a three year period some 10,000 detailed rate buildups were produced covering all the structural and finishing trades for use with the Dos Version of Buildsoft. With the later introduction of Microsoft Windows these rates had to be re- written for the newly updated Buildsoft Software. During this process another 2,000 rates were added. and finally in 1998 the Pricebook was realseased onto the market. In the beginning I t was after many years employed as a Chief Estimator/Estimating Manager with various major ‘Australian Construction Companies’, spending thousands of countless hours building up rate after rate that I decided that there had to be a more cost effective and efficent way of pricing projects whilst still being able to compete in the market place. Using my knowledge gained over many years in estimating using the ‘Buildsoft Estimating Software’,I slowly becan to computerise my rates into a workable model which all estimators could use. Because rates are built up in detail and allow the estimator to change production levels, waste factors and profit margins, these rates would not be limited to any one country but could be used worldwide. It was no mean task, taking around six years from start to finish, I had to make sure rates were consistant and easy to find. The first recalc of the database took around 24 hours to recalc once resources had been updated. These days using an I7 3.95 GHz computer with 32 GB or ram, It takes around 7to 8 minutes.
QS Project Services
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